Sunday, January 15, 2012


A game online multiplayer video and Haxball, created in Argentina, by Mario Carbajal in August 2010, but a month later began to have repercussions. This is a real time multiplayer game that emulates a cross between soccer and air hockey.

This set consists of a list of chat rooms arranged by country (nearest the room always appears first) created by administrators where you can enter and compete with other users.
Usually between all users ranked competitions usually make between 3 or 2 players per field, while the limit is 22 players per room, but this can cause problems in ping delay and synchronization with the host, which can lead small errors in the game, which may hinder the gameplay of other users.
It is best to create rooms with ten members, not more than that.
You can also choose the maps you want to play.
I highly recommend to play, if only to spend a little time.

Wonderful shot on Haxball

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I loved this game

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