Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 is a 3D racing game that puts you in the exciting world of cracks in a city with more than 200 km of asphalt.
Released by Electronic Arts, the game is an improved version of Need for Speed ​​Underground, a highly successful series.

Incorporating a short history of the franchise to the games in this version you are a newcomer to the city a giant after being defeated by a rival team, to rebuild his reputation from scratch.
You start with very simple cars, and just when you start to win races and money, you can evolve into a more powerful machine. Despite the story being told with animation rather poor, the exchange of emails between aisles and shop owners put the player in the mood of the game.

This time the city and more, toun to be more realistic, with incredible proportions and traffic parallel to the event. As you explore, different locations will be released, bringing new parts stores and evening events for the map.

The great attraction of the game is the ability to change the look of your car, since the parts that improve performance are less explored, because regardless of brand or value, they have the same power. The great advantage of improving the aesthetics of your machine is that it will draw more attention and may appear on magazine covers and DVDs, earning more money.

There are three levels of difficulty and different race modes, including competitions, skid (drift), races closed to a select group, Drag Racing (in which you need to exchange changes very quickly) and racing circuits.

In previous versions, the controls and graphics were not significant changes and the game still does not have damage to cars.


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I love this game ! :3

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